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Terra Ferma has developed a Integrated Management System for implementing and controlling construction safety, quality and environmental programs. Part of this includes our company policies some of which may be viewed below.


Terra Ferma is an Australian owned independent project and development management company pioneering in consulting project management, quantity surveying, design, construction management and development services.

We strive to achieve this by:

  • Promoting an understanding of our client’ needs and expectations, together with a culture of exceeding client’s expectations.
  • Endeavors to deliver high quality projects with meticulous management, on schedule.
  • Never compromising on our values, continuing to put our client’s at the fore and relentlessly pursuing innovation in project management techniques.
  • Our clients trust our transparency, integrity, quality, safety and reliability.
  • Developing seamless processes by fully integrating the services provided by our suppliers and partners.
  • Utilizing our ISO 9001 quality management system for all company processes everywhere, every time, without exception.
  • Continually improving our company and our quality management system and satisfying applicable requirements.
  • This policy will be communicated throughout the organisation and regularly reviewed for continued suitability.

This policy will be communicated throughout the organisation and regularly reviewed for continued suitability.


Terra Ferma operates under a documented Integrated Management System (IMS) which complies with the requirements of the AS/NZS ISO, 14001 and AS/NZS 4801 Standards. All Managers, supervisors, employees and contractors must observe and work within the requirements of the IMS and the following policy:

  • To commit to provide effective integrated systems of work and resources both financial and human to ensure the maintenance and continual improvement of a safe working environment; the prevention of pollution and minimise waste;
  • To be documented, implemented, maintained and communicated and understood to all employees within the organization;
  • To commit to protection of environment and elimination of work injuries & illness.
  • To encourage and to contribute to, the formulation, implementation, review and improvement of the IMS;
  • To comply with both the letter and the spirit of all applicable WHS and environmental legislation, statutory and other identified requirements;
  • To commit and to make Workplace Safety and Environmental management an integral part of every managerial and supervisory position; and managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that effective systems are implemented which allow staff to safely carry out their work without risks to health, safety and the environment;
  • To commit to continually improve the IMS by establishing IMS objectives and targets to assist Terra Ferma in meeting the commitments of its IMS Policy, and to achieve continual improvement in IMS management and IMS performance, through a measurement, reporting and improvement process.
  • To require that all staff and contractors commit to and actively support and maintain their IMS to ensure health and safety and to ensure continual improvement is achieved.
  • IMS Policy shall be available to interested parties, the public, and shall be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains relevant, appropriate and continuing suitability to the organisation.